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Tibetan dogs are ranking among the oldest breeds of the world. Although so different in appearance, they have one thing in common: they are robust, healthy, natural dogs; their ancestors had to survive in one of the most meagre and wildest countries of the world up to younger recent generations.

Traditionally Tibetan people esteem their dogs as equal beings and members of their families. Under these unique living conditions Tibetan dogs could develop an exceedingly close relationship to “their” humans. Basically even today all of them need close family connection. At the same time they are acting independently and often show reserve to unknown people, vitally important in their wild, secluded land of origin, Tibet.

As member of KTR you might order breed portrait flyers in German language from 10 pcs onwards through Anke Peine.

Prices: € 0.10 p.p. Plus postage, please remit in advance to KTR-account, (due to security reasons, you will find the account no. in the magazine “KTR-Reporter”).

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