Rumänischer Champion


Conditions for obtaining the title of ROMANIAN Champion (Excerpt from A.Ch.R. Show Regulations):

The title of “ROMANIAN CHAMPION” (R.CH.) may be awarded to that dog which has an F.C.I. recognised pedigree with at least 3 complete generations and has obtained 3 (three) C.A.C. titles out of which one MUST be in an international C.A.C.I.B. show. For the breeds represented by RKC member breed clubs one C.A.C. title may be replaced with „Excellent” qualification obtained in a breed club show in classes Intermediate, Open or Working. The three titles/qualification need to be obtained from three different judges.
For the obtaining of the Romanian Champion title, for the breeds that need working trial for the homologation of the C.A.C.I.B. title, there is also needed the International Working Certificate (F.C.I. model).
Beauty Champion dogs of other F.C.I. countries, can obtain the Romanian Champion title, if they have obtained two C.A.C. or C.A.C.L. titles from two different judges. At least one of the titles must be obtained in C.A.C.I.B. show.


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