Wilberg, Leif-Herman

Leif-Herman Wilberg

Judge Portrait Leif-Herman Wilberg: 

Leif-Herman Wilberg was born in 1949. Together with his wife Rita he lives in Sorumsand, Norway. Both of them work as dentists. Four children and four grandchildren belong to the family, which is completed by 9 Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Mr Wilberg is breeding under the kennel name of "Siggen" since 1968.

Most of his time he is spending together with his family and the dogs, but once in a while he enjoys going to museums, he likes old architecture, good films or theatre, and he loves good food and a nice group of people.

His passion for dogs began in 1959, when his family bought its first dog, a German Shepherd. The family bred and exhibited German Shepherds for eight years until they decided to buy the first Pembroke Corgi from Great Britain. They started very successfully with this new race, their first Corgi ended up Norway's Best Dog All Breeds in 1968. Since then more than 100 national and 25 international champions came off as winners within Mr Wilberg’s breeding. Since the time "Norsk Welsh Corgi Klubb" (NWCK) started competing the best Corgi of the year in 1974, 16 of their dogs, whether of their own breeding or imported, had won this title for 27 times. The Wilberg family bred numerous Group and Best-in-Show winners as well as champions in countries, where Corgis are very well represented, like in Great Britain, USA  and  Australia as well, as all over Europe. Each of their today’s dogs may lineally be traced back to their first Corgi bitch imported from Great Britain.

Being a bit younger, Mr Wilberg exhibited many different breeds in the name of other breeders. Besides champions of his own breeds, he exhibited champions within the breeds of Poodle, Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman, Keeshond, Whippet, Golden and Labrador Retriever as well as the Scottish Terrier.

Mr Wilberg held different functions in the "Norsk Welsh Corgi Klubb", and was honoured with "the docked tails orde" by the NWCK. From 1996 to 2006 he was member of the "Norsk Kennel Klubb" managing board und received the Gold Honour Award. For more than 20 years he showed responsible for judge instruction and examination within the NKK committee and represented the NKK at the FCI committee for the instruction of judges. In February 2006 he was elected president of the FCI Show Commission. For many years he was member of the Norwegian Judges Association and its chairman for three and received their Silver Honour Award for his engagement and work.

Mr Wilberg is FCI judge since 1976 and FCI-all-breed-judge since 2010. He judged many different breeds all over the world as well as on World Dog- and Special Breed exhibitions. Mr Wilberg enjoyed especially the World Dog Shows in Helsinki and Stockholm, but he also likes the Crufts.

He prefers to judge and dictate in English, but will also manage it in German language.