van den Berg, Hans

Hans van den Berg

Judge Portrait Hans van den Berg: 

Hans van den Berg lives in Wassenaar, Netherlands. Since he is not working any more, he has enough time to follow his hobbies. In the first instance there are his dogs as well as travelling, to read books, and moreover he is a fanatic gardener.

He has been breeding Scottish and Norfolk Terrier under the kennel name "Rymore". These breeds he exhibited successfully in the Netherlands and other countries too. At the moment several Scottish Terrier are living in his house.

Since 1976 he is acting as all breed judge. He judged in most European countries, in USA and Canada. Judging led him to Kenia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Uzbekistan and many other countries. He loves to judge in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The Crufts, of course, is something special, BIS in England too and the fact, that he judges all groups. 

Mr van den Berg judges in Dutch, German and English.