Schwarz, Arne

Arne Schwarz

Judge portrait Arne Schwarz: 

Arne Schwarz was born into a doggy family in Hamburg. Schipperkes were his first dogs and constant companions during his childhood. His mother's family bred Dachshounds and Cocker Spaniels for hunting. At the age of 13, he started to work in the well-known Kennel "El-Chiquitin" during his spare time. There were Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Chinese Crested Dogs, Pomeranians and Shar Peis. He was eager for any kind of dog exposure (handling, breeding, grooming- shows).

After finishing his university-entrance diploma, he became partner in the El-Chiquitin Kennel. El-Chiquitin Kennel was founded in 1963 by Joachim Weinberg, a well-known international group-judge and former Ballet Dancer. This Kennel of Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Chinese Cresteds and Shar Peis bred innumerable Champions worldwide and 22 world-winners in the past. After being trained as lawyer, he started to judge Chow Chows and Toy-breeds. His international judging assignments have included appointments in many countries in Europe and oversee.

In 2016, he judged his first Championship Show (Kennel Club) in the UK. Judging dogs is a combination of art and science for him, that really good judges (and breeders) that are blessed with understand that perfect combination.

For some years, Arne Schwarz is supervisor of the Breed of the Chow Chow Club in Deutschland (CCiD e.v.) and member of many Clubs in Europe.