Schrank, Gabriela

Gabriela Schrank

Judge Portrait Gabriela Schrank: 

Gabriela Schrank, born in July 1961, lives in St. Marein/Austria. She is married, has two grown up daughters and is working as teacher in an after school care accommodation. To her hobbies she counts needlework and agility. She loves good food together with nice people. Injustices are contradictory to her.

Mrs. Schrank breeds Tibetan Terrier under the kennel name „von St. Marein“.

At the moment 7 Tibetan Terrier are living in her house. Since 2002 she judges Tibetan breeds, Swiss Mountain Dogs, Herding-  and Sheep dogs, St. Bernhard Dogs, Toy Griffon, Havanese and Löwchen. As special breed judge she judged in Austria, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic. Her most impressing exhibition was a Swiss Mountain Dog club show in Moscow.