Schemel, Dr. Andreas

Dr. Andreas Schemel

Judge Portrait Dr. Andreas Schemel: 

Dr. A. Schemel was born in 1963 in Vienna, Austria. Since a fairly long time he is living in England,  where he works as a veterinary with focus on cardiology. As far as time allows, he visits his native town. His Vienna charm did not get lost.

In his early life he was already interested in animals, and after a longer time of pressure on his parents a dog moved into their house, when he was 14 years old. Especially fascinating at that time he considered the „short nosed dogs” and he categorically persisted on a French Bulldog. His parents, just being converted, thought this breed as too extreme.  They agreed on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This bitch was exhibited successfully and became Dr. Schemels first champion. Some litters of her followed, and in 1980 he got his first own genuine "short nose dog", a King Charles Spaniel.
Since that time until today he is breeding this race. Over the years he bred and owned National-, International-, 2 English champions and world champions. Longer than 10 years Dr. Schemel lived together with Bull Dog, Griffon and Greyhound, which he exhibits successfully, too.

He started judging in 1985 and was confirmed in 1987 as judge for several small dog breeds. Since then he judges breeds of FCI group 9 and 3, as well as Dalmatian and Do Khyi. He has been judging in many countries within Europe, Australia, South Africa and USA, in most them constantly and more than once. Dr. Schemel had the honour to judge the following prestigious title exhibitions: World exhibitions, European exhibitions, Nordic Winner, Swedish Winner, Finnish Winner, Amsterdam Winner and the Crufts. He also judged club exhibitions for most of the mentioned breeds.

Tibetan breeds are an estimated and important part of his judging employment. He has often judged all four breeds on national and international exhibitions. Among those were very big exhibitions with representative registrations.

Dr. Schemel is judging in German or English language.