Reyniers, Rita

Rita Reyniers

Judge Portrait Rita Reyniers: 

Rita Reyniers, born in 1947, mother of two children, lives together with her husband in Turnhout/Belgium. Being a child, she had first contact to dogs in her parents house. After her marriage she got her first own dog: an Afghan, whose first litter she had in 1981 under the kennel name "El Rachman". Her dearest hobby is judging. She also likes to read good books, loves travelling and to go shopping. She cannot suffer impolite and dishonest people.

In 1980 Mrs. Reyniers started in the Belgian Kennel Club "St. Hubertus" with her judge exams, one year later in 1981 she was confirmed as judge and judged her first breed then: Afghan. Since 1990 she is not active in breeding and does not exhibit, too, because judging takes very much time. Her last dog died 2000 at the age of 14, and by that time no dogs are living in her house, what she regrets very much. However, Mrs. Reyniers has close contact to dogs, be it at exhibitions, or to her daughter's dogs.

Longer than 30 years Mrs. Reyniers has been busy for the "Kempische Kynologenklub" as show secretary. She is special breed judge for Sighthound, FCI group 10. She was allowed to judge GREEN STARS in Ireland as well as the CC's in England for Afghan, Barzoi’s  and Deerhound. For these breeds, she is to be found at the A-list in England. Since 2009 Mrs. Reyniers is all breed judge. Likewise she judges show handling, which is in Belgium very popular. She judged show handling in Dortmund and on the World Dog Show 1995 in Brussels as well as in other countries. Judging has led her round the globe. She has been to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia und even in India. This country has impressed her most because of its culture and the deep contrast between poor and rich.