Rehanek, Petr

Petr Rehanek

Judge Portrait Petr Rehanek: 

Petr Rehanek, born in 1946, lives together with his wife and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Kosmice-North Moravia, Czech Republic. Two grown up daughters belong to the family.

Mr. Rehanek is very famous for his breeds of German Boxer and Maltese, which he has been breeding under the kennel name „Moravia Ja-Pe-Ko“ for longer than 30 years. Of course the dogs are his main hobby, but he also loves to be busy with plants, particularly with bonsai and the most delicate orchids. He has decisively determined different positions concerning cynology. Since Mr. Rehanek is not working any longer, he dedicates himself passionately to judging. In 1985 he received his specialist qualification. In the meantime he is worldwide known as all breed judge.

Mr. Rehanek judges in German, English, Polish and Russian