Plathan, Tuula

Tuula Plathan

Judge Portrait Tuula Plathan: 

Tuula Plathan lives together with her husband Pekka in Helsinki, Finland. They have two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren. She is working as a teacher. They share their life with four beloved dogs, two Tibetan Terriers, a Bird Dog Bourbonnais Setter belonging to her husband and a Saluki, which belongs to daughter Marianna.

Primarily Mrs. Plathan`s hobbies are her dogs, she loves to exhibit and to breed, but she also enjoys judging dogs. Moreover she likes music, especially the opera; she is fond of outdoor life, spending time at their country house during the holidays together with her family is one of her most enjoyable delights.

She got her first dog from her parents when she was a little girl, a black Cocker Spaniel followed by two Borzois. With them she begun to learn about obedience training, exhibiting dogs and even sighthound racing. In 1974 Mrs. Plathan and her husband got their first Tibetan Terrier, one year later arrived the foundation bitch and the first litter was born in 1978. Under the kennel name “Karamain” she has produced over 100 Tibetan Terrier puppies, some became Champions, World-, European- and National Winners worldwide as well as numerous Tibetan Terriers of the Year.
20 years ago she obtained two lovely Tibetan Spaniels, mainly for her three children to love and to show in child- and junior handling competitions. She also bred a few champions of Tibbies from limited breeding and exported some puppies. Since 2005 she shares her kennel prefix with her daughter Marianna.

For a long time Mrs. Plathan and her husband were active members in the „Tibetan Breeds Association of Finland“. Mrs. Plathan was serving as the secretary, breed advisor and the newsletter editor of the club. She was also in charge for the judge training program for all Tibetan breeds. In 1981 the Plathans established the „Tibetan Terrier Club of Finland“ together with some friends and Mrs. Plathan still continues acting as breed advisor for the club. She is currently a board member of the Finnish Dog Show Judge Society and serves on the Finnish Kennel Club´s Standard Committee.

She got her judging license 30 years ago and is qualified to judge the FCI group 9 and 10, toy & utility breeds and sighthounds. Mrs. Plathan is a special breed judge for Tibetan breeds. So far Mrs. Plathan has been judging in Europe, America, Africa and Australia. The World Show 1998 in her home town Helsinki surely was an impressive highlight, but she likes to see all Tibetan Breeds Specialty Shows around the world.

Mrs. Plathan judges and dictates in English.