Peer, Primoz

Primoz Peer, Zuchtrichter

Judge portrait Primoz Peer:

I was not born into a doggy family, but the love for dogs only skipped one generation.

I got my first dog at age 5, this being a Wire Fox Terrier and have lived with dogs ever since. Later on I enjoyed living and working with some more dogs, like Kraski Ovcar (Slovenian native shepherd dog breed) and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

In the nineteen-eighties I met and was charmed by Tibetan dogs, especially Tibetan Spaniels and Tibetan Terriers. Since then my family has been breeding Tibetan Spaniels and Tibetan Terriers under the kennel name "Pombon". I have bred and campaigned National and International Champions in both breeds as well as Breed Speciality Winners.

I have visited Western Tibet and Nepal in 2002, Eastern Tibet in 2005 and twice again in 2007 and after that Central and South Tibet in 2009 and Eastern Tibet again in 2011 and 2013.

In the recent years I have registered native Tibetan Spaniels and native Tibetan Terriers (that we found and imported directly from Tibet) and introduced them into Western breeding lines with my friends in numerous European countries.

I am founder member of the Tibetan Breeds Club of Slovenia (Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Do Khyi - Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier), and I am currently serving as Chairman of the Breeding Committee.

From the beginning of International co-operation in exchange of breeding information in both Tibetan Spaniels and Tibetan Terriers I was actively involved in these schemes and I am the Representative of Slovenia in both organizations/groups.

My family is sponsoring Tibetan children in Tibet and in the last few years also Shechen Charity Orphan School in Kham, Eastern Tibet.

International FCI Championship judge since 1994.

I judged shows in Slovenia, Austria, Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia.