Moran, Tony

Tony Moran

Judge Portrait Tony Moran: 

Tony Moran was born on 17th March 1967 in Ireland. At the age of 7 he got his first own dog a Welsh Corgi Pembroke followed by a Pyrenean Mountain Dog which was the first dog that he showed.

He got his first Tibetan spaniel, an English import, in 1981 and a second one followed in 1984. These two dogs founded his Kennel under the name of AVIGDOR. The first litter was born in September 1987. Two Champions were brought forth from this Kennel. Apart from Tibetan Spaniels, Tony Moran also had a litter of Lhasa Apsos. At the moment he shows Tibetan Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Brussel Griffons and Japanese Chin. In the past he has shown Miniature Pudels and Lhasa Apsos.

He judges the FCI Groups 5 and 9 and is also a special breed judge for Tibetan Spaniels and Chihuahuas. His first CACIB was in 1989. His work as a judge has seen him travel from Ireland and England to Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Belgium, Slovenia and The Czech Republic as well as being able to partake in the experience of travelling to Australia. His most impressive Show though, was the Finnish Winners Show, at which he has judged twice and which he loves due to the perfect organization and the high quality.

Tony Moran loves good food, weekends and the company of good friends. His hobbies consist of Dog Shows (of course), breeding, reading, travelling and gardening. Things that he does not like are, having to queue, bad behavior and smoking.