McCrum, Wesley

Wesley McCrum

Judge Portrait Wesley McCrum: 

I am Wes McCrum, I have been involved with dogs over 20 years now, first with Boxer then Shar-Pei and for over a decade now Tibetan Mastiff, recently adding Tibetan Spaniel to our family. We have bred the only Do-Khyi champions in the UK or Ireland and have been BOB and BOS at Crufts several times.

At Home I have 10 Tibetan Mastiff, one Shar-Pei one German Shepherd and one Tibetan Spaniel, we also have a Tibetan Spaniel Male who lives in Denmark.

I am Chairman of the (AITBA) All Ireland Tibetan Breeds Association and Creator and Co Editor of the Tibetan Breeds Yearbook.

I have judged Tibetan Breeds Specialties in Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia and Italy. I feel a very strong affinity with all the Tibetan Breeds and love
to judge them. I also judge all breeds in Group 5 and Group 2 and am progressing to finish Group 9 and I currently award CACIB in all Tibetan Breeds.

On a personal note I retired two years ago from my career as an Explosives Dog Handler in the Northern Ireland Prison service after 20 years’ service to concentrate on our Gas Distribution business .This allows me more flexibility to travel for judging and exhibiting