Mach, Lisbeth

Lisbeth Mach

Judge Portrait Lisbeth Mach: 

Lisbeth Mach is an all breed judge. She is living in Wilen, Switzerland. 3 Toy Poodle and at this time two puppies are sharing her house. Until last year a Barsoi belonged to her.

She is breeding under the kennel name „Superstar's“. Lisbeth Mach loves to be bound in the nature together with horses and dogs. She dislikes intolerance and unfair exhibitors – and dogs being over trimmed.

Lisbeth Mach is judging since 1969, at that time the youngest judge in Europe. She judges FCI groups 2, 5, 9 and 10. She has been judging on all continents around the globe as well as nearly on all World and European Winner FCI exhibitions. Asked for her most impressive exhibition, She says, that a club show with adequate space and unstressed exhibitors is sometimes more pleasant than big shows.

Shows in Russia had left lasting impressions on Mrs. Mach before FCI membership, as well as shows in South Africa at apartheid times, the first FCI Champion-Of-Champion Show 1991 in Basel and the World Show Poznań in 2006.

She ist judging in different languages.