Klucniece, Vija

Vija Klucnice

Judge Portrait Vija Klucniece: 

My biggest dream in childhood was – to become the owner of a dog. In 1967 I had my first white Giant Spitz Chico, who left me at the age of 15.

Since 1981 I'm breding Kleinspitzes and until now I can find the roots of my black bitch Wensy in some pedigrees of our dogs. 

But my love is the Chow Chow. This breed was not yet found in the USSR and when I got my black male from Poland in 1988. It was the first imported Chow Chow in Latvia. At present I have a black Chow Chow bitch and black American Cocker.

From 1982 till 1990 I was the president of the Toy Breeds Club of Latvia. 

In 1996 I was elected as president of the Latvian Cynologic Federation.

I judged in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Belarus, Russia and everywhere I found beautiful dogs and excellent breeders.

I'm speeking fluently in Latvian, Ryska, English, can understand Polish, Czech and German