Klotz, Christa

Christa Klotz

Judge Portrait Christa Klotz: 

Christa Klotz lives in Karlsruhe, Germany and she has two grown-up daughters. After having achieved her university-entrance diploma, she continued her studies of the English language in Great Britain and finished successfully with the Cambridge Certificate. She worked with a great company as responsible person for exports all over the world.

The first dog Ch. Klotz remembered was a Spitz-Dachshund-mix, which lived in her family. After this one died at the age of 12 years, Christa Klotz being 14 years old was given an English Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately this dog died of brain distemper as a puppy. Now her parents allowed her to have a „proper“ dog: “Ara vom Atommeiler”, a German Shepherd bitch. With Ara she discovered her enthusiasm of sport with dogs and passed successfully several guard dog exams. Ara died at the age of 12. In 1960 the first Poodle joined her small family. The little dog was living 12 years. After the family recovered from this great loss, Ch. Klotz had one great wish: a new dog – and also – to see poodle puppies grow up. So „Bittersweet Bonnie of the Wild Poppies“, a brown Dwarf Poodle, moved in. To breed and achieve this difficult colour in good quality excited Ch. Klotz and in 1978 she became a member of the „Verband der Pudelfreunde Deutschland e.V.“ (VDP). Since 1979 Ch. Klotz is breeding under the FCI protected kennel name „Lovable“.

Since 30 years, with two years of intermittence, Ch. Klotz has been chairwoman of the VDP group in Karlsruhe and since several years Ch. Klotz is the first vice president of the VDP too. Until today she brought up 23 litters with 56 puppies, some of them succeeded as champions on national and international shows.

At the end of 1978, Ch. Klotz started to breed Yorkshire-Terriers under the kennel name „of Blackwood Castle“ in the „Klub für Terrier (KfT)“. While visiting Great Britain, this lion - hearted, active and eager-to-learn terrier with such a small figure caught her enthusiasm. Until today she had 19 litters with 56 puppies. However Ch. Klotz does not show her Yorkshire Terriers due to the immense effort to keep them in show condition and because they chew off their beards with great passion. At the moment Ch. Klotz has six bitches, three Toy Poodles und three Yorkshire Terriers.

Besides breeding and hobbies Ch. Klotz estimates her dogs as sports companions, together they won many sporting contests. For many years she is trainer in the VDP and since some time agility trainer too.

Due to the frequently attending dog shows, she felt a great interest in judging. At first she passed through VDP and KfT breed controller examinations. Since 1981 she is VDH special breed judge for Poodles. In November 2001 Ch. Klotz accomplished her judging career for the breeds of group 9, she is also special breed judge for Japan Chin, Pekingese and King-Charles-Spaniel and since 2009 for Do Khyi, too.
She judges on national and international shows in Germany and many foreign countries; among those the most impressive for her was the World Champion Dog Show 2002 in Amsterdam.