Kliebenstein, Horst

Horst Kliebenstein

Judge portrait Horst Kliebenstein

Horst Kliebenstein, born in 1937, lives with his wife in Saarbrücken, Germany. He has two children. He was professionally acting as product manager.
He grew up with dogs, because his father had German Shepherds and later on black Miniature Schnauzer. When he was 16, he bought his first own dog: a Great Dane. With this one he had his first litter. He started to breed Basset Hounds, West Highland White Terrier and Standard Wire-haired Dachshund. Trained by Mr. Kliebenstein himself, many of them became hunting champions.

At home Mr. Kliebenstein has Dachshund's and Parson Russell Terrier today. He is breeding under the kennel name „vom Kliebenstein“.  He loves to spend his spare time watching his Koi, but his greatest hobby is hunting. He likes everything the world has to show in its loveliness.

In 1969 he was appointed to judge Great Danes, one year later to judge Basset Hounds and the French breeds. Since 1974 Mr. Kliebenstein judges the groups 5 and 6, since 1986 he is FCI judge for all breeds. Since 1998 he was elected president of the FCI-Judge-Commission. Mr. Kliebenstein has been judging all over the world in nearly all FCI countries.

He was very pleased by the first exhibitions in South Africa,  Argentina and Brasilia, but his most impressing exhibition was the Sydney Royal,  Australia, in 1992. For 16 days, this   major event of the Ministry of Agriculture showed all companion animals. Every evening the winner animals of horses, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs and all other attending animals were shown in a grand parade in a huge stadium. 1.006.000 visitors were counted on these days.

Mr. Kliebenstein prefers to judge in German and English.