Jemelkova, Simona

Simona Jemelkova

Judge Portrait Simona Jemelková:

Simona Jemelková was born in 1961. Together with her husband she lives in Olomouc, Czech Republic. She is curator at the local museum of art.

Beside her Tibetan Terrier, Mrs. Jemelkovás big hobby is historical science, but also she has a passion for photographing and she likes skiing and playing Badminton.

Mrs. Jemelková indicates openness and integrity between people and in cynology as most important. Since 1990 she is breeding Tibetan Terrier under the kennel name of „Sengge“. Since 1996 she judges Tibetan breeds as well as the "Czech Spotted Dog", a Czech national breed.

In exhibitions she wants to see dogs representing the breed without extremes, demonstrating their breed typical soundness. So far she was judging in the Czech Republic. She loves the special or club shows for their atmosphere, for an interesting competition and the comparison of the different styles of dogs.

Mrs. Jemelková prefers to judge and dictate in English.