Homonnai, Erika

Erika Homonnai

Judge Portrait Erika Homonnai: 

Erika Homonnai, born in 1966 in Budapest, lives together with her husband Istvan and two sons, Richard and Henrik, in Zistersdorf/ Austria. Professionally she is acting in the commercial field. To her hobbies she counts dogs in the first range plus exhibitions, flowers, especially roses, the color violet and of course her home country Austria.

Erika Homonnai made her first experience with dogs, when she was 8 years old and was allowed to take a Kuvasz for a walk after school, during the time his owner was at work. In the same year she got her first own dog, a crossbreed.

Since 1981, she and her husband applied themselves to dog breeding. After 20 years of Rottweiler- and Bullmastiff breeding, they found a dog breed, which definitely captured their hearts: a Löwchen. This breed is every sense perfect for her and Mrs. Homonnai was completely taken by them. Besides Löwchen also Havanese are living in her house. She is breeding under the kennel name „Altlichtenwarther Löwen“. She says, she cannot abide people being rude to their dogs.

In November 2006 Erika Homonnai passed the FCI/ÖKV judge test, since December 2007 she is acting as a judge. She judges some breeds of group 9, Do Khyi and a few Terrier breeds. As a special breed judge, she is judging Tibetan breeds, Löwchen and Havanese. Until now Erika Homonnai has been judging in Austria and Hungary – the Crufts was her most impressive exhibition.

Since January 2007 Erika Homonnai is exhibition and PR instructor for ZLHCA (Zwerg Griffon - Löwchen - Havaneser Club Austria) and co-breed supervisor representative of ÖTH (Österreichischer Klub für Tibetische Hunderassen). This activity costs many time indeed, but she is passionate about it. In addition she is her own webmaster and the one of the ZLHC too.