Delmar, Sean

Sean Delmar

Judge Portrait Sean Delmar:

Sean Delmar lives with his wife Cathy, who also acts as a judge, in Ireland. They are breeding under the kennel name „Shillelagh“, one of the most successful terrier kennels in Ireland ever since 50 years. Shillelagh dogs have been winning many awards, the Top Dog in Ireland yet two times; best male and bitch in Ireland/Great Britain, and numerous champions came off this kennel.

Mostly Sean Delmar and his wife breed Kerry Blue and Fox Terrier, but also other terrier breeds can be found in their kennel, such like Fox Terrier, Wheaten and Sealyham Terrier as well as Shar Pei, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and Bichon were exhibited successfully.

Since eight years Sean Delmar is president and public representative of the Irish Kennel Club, he was chairman of the judge committee and chairman of the Irish Breeds Society.

Sean Delmar has been judging over 40 years. Now he acts as FCI all breed judge and is responsible for BIS. Until now he judged on all continents including FCI World Dog Shows, the Royal Adelaide in Australia, Crufts and many other national and regional winner shows.

Sean Delmar is judging in English language.