Cunliffe, Juliette

Juliette Cunliffe Portrait

Judge Portrait Juliette Cunliffe:

Juliette Cunliffe is British, but since 2009 has been living in the Himalaya, in Nepal. She first visited the region to research Tibetan dogs in the mid-1980s because she had owned Lhasa Apsos since 1979 and was anxious to discover what they were like in their homeland.

In Britain she has awarded Challenge Certificates (CCs) in Lhasa Apsos since 1989 and now awards CCs also in Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, and Deerhounds. No CCs are available for Tibetan Mastiffs in the UK, but Juliette has judged them at Championship level there on many occasions and regularly at Championship level abroad. She judged Lhasa Apsos at Crufts in 2008 and judges all breeds with BIS at Open Show level in the UK, and many overseas.

Juliette’s first, and very memorable, experience of judging abroad was at the KTR Show in 1992. Since then she had judged in numerous different countries, often on multiple occasions.

Juliette is one of the English Kennel Club’s Accredited Trainers, qualifying her to train up-coming judges. She also holds the Canine Studies Institute’s Breeding Certificate and Judging Diploma, both with Credit.

She has owned successful show dogs in the following breeds: Afghan Hounds, Lhasa Apsos, Whippets and Deerhounds. Her remaining Lhasa Apsos moved with her to Nepal, where they still share her home.

Well known throughout the world as a canine author, Juliette has had over 50 books published to date, many of them also available in other languages, including German. Recently she has published some EBooks, in keeping with modern trends. Over the decades she has written for many prominent canine publications, including The Kennel Gazette, and still has regular columns in Our Dogs.  For several years she was Publishing Editor of Tibetan Breeds International Magazine.

Since 2004 Juliette has been much involved in raising funds for animal welfare in Nepal, initially for Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, and latterly Himalayan Animal Rescue Team (HART), of which she is a Founder and is actively involved. By visiting her web site at  you will find several links, one of which is to the Charity.