Clerc, Elsbeth

Elsbeth Clerk

Judge Portrait Elsbeth Clerc: 

Elsbeth Clerc lives in Trimbach/Switzerland.

At this time 7 dogs are living in her house, Scottish Terrier and West Highland White Terrier.

In 1964 Mrs. Clerc got her first dog: a Scottish Terrier. Since 1968 she is breeding,her kennel name is “Rannoch” (FCI) and “Swissrannoch” (UK). One of her outstanding dogs was GB Champion Swissrannoch Solo. It won Crufts in 1977 and was World Winner two years later, International Champion, Swiss-, German- and Austrian Champion.

In 1974 Mrs. Clerc received the approval to judge. As a judge for nearly all breeds, she judged throughout Europe as well as in the USA, South Africa, South Korea and Australia, where she is in great demand. As a special breed judge she judges FCI groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9. Elsbeth enjoys her function as a judge most, when an exhibition is organized well.

Since 1990 she is chairwoman of the Swiss Toy Club. More than 300 members and breeders of 17 different toy breeds are keeping her on her toes. Her greatest hobbies are dogs and everything around dogs.

She is also interested in politics, loves to read good books, likes good food and is passionate about cooking. What she does not like at all, are humanized dogs and their owners.