Christensen, Gert

Gert Christensen

Judge Portrait Gert Christensen:

Gert Christensen, was born in 1959. He lives in Braedstrup/Denmark, where he lives on his own on a farm together with cats and chicken.
Under the kennel name El Xarroz he is breeding Groenendael's, but he also owns Belgian Shepherds. Affiliated hobbies are chicken and dogs.

Professionally Mr. Christensen belongs to the army in a major rank.

Since 1997 Mr. Christensen judges all breeds, as special breed judge he judges Belgian shepherds. So far he was judging in Scandinavia, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland; those in Australia and New Zealand were the farthest.

He was most impressed by his first exhibition abroad in Tampere/Finland in 1999, when he judged BIS ten years later in 2009.