Bluemel, Robert

Robert Bluemel

Judge Portrait Robert Blümel:

Robert Blümel was born in 1972 in Austria, he lives in Rome. It may be allowed to state, that he did not loose his Austrian charm.
He is self-employed, and as a dog fancier he is owner of a luxury boutique for dog articles in Rome,

Mr. Blümel adores dogs. In his house he lives together with Greyhounds and Chinese Crested Dogs. Under the kennel name „Of Royal Stardust“ he was breeding Great Dane and Chinese Crested Dogs.

Going shopping is his 2nd hobby, and if time allows, he loves to travel – sun, sea and shore being most important. Mr. Blümel dislikes racism, intolerance and not being in time.

Since 2000 he is judging FCI groups 3, 5, 9, 10 und many breeds of group 2. As special breed judge Mr. Blümel is qualified for judging Great Dane, toy dogs and greyhound. So far, judging led him throughout Europe to Australia.
His most impressing exhibition was the „Finnish Winner“ in Helsinki.

Mr. Blümel prefers to judge in German, English and Italian.