Bernardis, Karin

Karin Bernardis

Judge Portrait Karin Bernardis: 

Karin Bernardis lives in Vienna, she once worked as a foreign language correspondent. She has three sons and four grandchildren. She grew up with a long coated red Dachshund, that came from a hunter in „Lüneburger Heide“ (Lüneburg Heath). She loves all kinds of dogs, but her heart belongs to the Tibetan breeds, especially to the Shih - Tzu. At the moment three Shih - Tzu share their lives and housing with her, which she breeded under the kennel name of „Pao Yü“ until 1998.

Besides the love to dogs she likes to read Russian and French literature, another hobby is the German origin cuisine as “Marinated beef”, “Fried potato pancake”, “Pea soup” … and fancywork. Mrs. Bernardis detests intolerance, small - mindedness and – moreover – over styled and sheared dogs.

Mrs. Bernardis is judging since 1990. She judges, also as special breed judge, the breeds of FCI group 9 and Do Khyi (breeds of Group 1, 2, 3, 5). So far she was judging in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Spain. As the most impressive exhibition Mrs. Bernardis estimated the one in Spain in 2009, organisation, ring staff and personal support of the judges were extraordinary and one – of – a - kind.

Mrs. Bernardis is member of the Austrian Toy Dog Club (ÖZK) since 1980 and member of the Tibetan Breed Club of Austria since 1982 and committee member for several years and committee member of the ÖZK 1986-2012. Shih - Tzu are (unfortunately – is her opinion) under the umbrella of ÖZK in Austria. For Mrs. Bernardis living without dogs is unthinkable.