Albrigtsen, Gunilla

Gunilla Albrigtsen

Judge Portrait Gunilla Albrigtsen:

Gunilla Albrigtsen, born in 1957, lives with her husband in Akers Styckebruk, Sweden. She is working as an economist.

Several Tibetan Terrier are living in her house. When she was 12 years old, she felt in love with the breed which she see a true friend, intelligent, smart and beautiful. She also has fish in an aquarium and outside in a fishpond. In addition she loves horseback riding and has had horses. But they took a lot of time and she realised, that she also has a profession; therefore she got loose from this hobby with a sad heart. If there is enough time, she likes to create and produce silver jewellery.

Gunilla Albrigtsen loves to travel a lot for vacations, see new things, she is knitting sweaters and of course she loves dogs and dog shows. She visited Tibetan shows around Europe. She doesn’t like dishonesty. Since 1992 she is breeding Tibetan Terrier under the kennel name „Kuai Le Gou's“.

Gunilla Albrigtsen is judging since 2010 the following races: Do Khyi, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier and Shi Tzu. For those races she is acting as a special judge. In Sweden they always prefer to have specialists for judging. She loves the club shows in Sweden, where all the breeds come together once a year. Up till now she was judging in Scandinavia only.

She is judging and dictating in Swedish and English.