Acker, Karin

Karin Acker

Judge Portrait Karin Acker

Karin Acker, born in 1947, lives with her husband in Wrist, Northern Germany. Professionally she worked in the commercial field. 

All three of her grown-up children left the house already. She is calling her actual Lhasa  Apso: “my children”. Under the kennel name „von Tri-Song“  Karin  Acker is breeding Lhasa Apso.

Besides her dogs, hobbies are the history of Tibetan dogs, nature as well as reading and good music. She loves walking through the nature together with her dogs and bringing up her puppies.

She does not like exhibitors being unfair or rude handling and moreover she does not like untended and over-styled dogs.

Karin Acker is judging since 1994 being a special breed judge for the four Tibetan breeds: Do Khyi, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Spaniel and Tibetan Terrier. By now Karin Acker has been judging in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, France, Sweden, Czech Republic and Finland. Most impressing for her was the „Championat de France“ in Nantes 2004. For her, it was a well-organized event with outstanding support.

Personally Karin Acker prefers the smaller club shows. Most of them are of more flair and offer generous space. At smaller shows the surrounding for dogs and exhibitors is more pleasant. Generally a very agreeable atmosphere is to be found there as well as less stress for all.

Karin Acker is judging in German and English language.